Learn to Dress

“I’m learning to dress myself” is a creative toy designed for children from 3 years old that combines the stimulation of emotions with the learning of mathematical skills, encouraging imagination and personal development while having fun.



“I Learn to Dress Up”

The “I Learn to Dress Up” toy is more than a game; it is an educational tool that encourages the stimulation of emotions and imagination in children, integrating the learning of mathematics in a fun and engaging way.

Stimulating Imagination and Emotions

With characters to dress and undress, children have the opportunity to explore their creativity and emotions, immersing themselves in a world of fantasy. The logic of addition and subtraction is presented in a playful way, allowing children to learn key mathematical skills while having fun.

Developmental Importance

From the age of 3, this game aids children’s personal growth and development, providing a solid foundation for the acquisition of new concepts. The first toys are fundamental, and “I’m learning to dress up” is the right choice to promote emotional and cognitive development.


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