Emotiblocks First Emotions

Miniland’s “Emotiblocks First Emotions” is a playful and educational tool for children from 2 years old, designed to teach emotional intelligence, stimulate emotions and develop sensory skills.


Miniland’s “Emotiblocks First Emotions” are not just a game, but a powerful educational tool to teach children about emotions and feelings. Designed for children aged 2 and up, this toy aims to foster emotional intelligence, tolerance, empathy, and racial diversity.

A Tool for Understanding Emotions

The game helps children to recognise and identify facial expressions and associate them with emotional states. It not only expands their vocabulary, but also allows them to talk and listen about emotions in a fun and accessible way.

Emotiblocks Contents

The box includes:

  • 18 interchangeable Emotiblocks
  • 6 Emotion Cards
  • Complete teacher’s guide packed with educational activities

All this comes in a reusable case, perfect for storage and transport.

3D Emoticons and Creative Activities

Children can mix and match interchangeable pieces to create “3D Emoticons”. With over 100 possible combinations, the included activity cards inspire imagination and sensory stimulation.

“Emotiblocks First Emotions is more than a toy. It is an educational experience that teaches children about basic emotions, develops essential skills such as tolerance and empathy, and promotes respect for racial diversity. An invaluable tool for parents and educators on the road to children’s emotional growth.


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