Development Areas: Emotions

Emotions are internal states of the human being determined by sensations, thoughts, behaviors and subjective reactions. They have a huge influence on behavior and thoughts, especially in children. Therefore, it is necessary to know and know how to explain emotions to children.

Helping them to know each other and recognize their emotions will favor their correct mental development. In addition, they will learn to control themselves, have high self-esteem and this will contribute to their happiness.

Studies and experience have shown that emotional education at home increases the well-being of the family. The idea is to provide methods in the family environment to regulate emotions without avoiding or exaggerating them.

Some of the most important benefits are the following:

  • It allows the child to know itself and increase the perception of control over what happens to him.
  • It is essential for the social development of the boy.
  • Decrease aggressive behaviors in the places of study.
  • Reduces the possibilities of consumption of addictive substances, such as alcohol and tobacco.
  • It minimizes the percentage of antisocial, self-destructive behaviors and avoids the serious damages caused by them.

It is important to emphasize that emotions must be controlled but not repressed. The child must learn to express them depending on the moment, the people and the occasion.


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