Language and Communication

Development Areas: Language and Communication

Language is the form of communication with others. Since he is a baby, the child can communicate before saying words. Speech is the verbal expression of communication. Children learn to communicate from the first days and, progressively, they develop speech.

Speech learning arouses a lot of interest in parents and is one of the aspects of development that are monitored in health exams, during early childhood.

Factors such as inheritance, family, the environment in which it develops and schooling influence the child’s language development.

In the early years, children develop language along with other aspects of development. They evolve differently, but in general they are able to do certain things at certain ages:

  • During the first year: The child is startled at the noise, looks for the source of the sounds and emits his own sounds in the form of babble and lullaby (vocalizations A-E). When he grows up, usually at 9 months, he is able to join sounds and say words like mom or dad, even if he doesn’t understand the meaning.
  • Between 12 and 15 months: Increase babble using more sounds, mimic some sounds and words and say one or more words. Is able to understand simple orders.
  • From 18 to 24 months: By two years he has a vocabulary of between 20 and 50 words, he begins to combine words and is able to point out parts of his body and usual objects, as well as follow two-step instructions (take the toy and give it to me).
  • From 2 to 3 years: Increase the number of words, say phrases from three to five words. Increase understanding (understand what is on the table and below), understand some verbs and you can understand much of his speech.

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