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Are you looking for where to buy educational and educational toys with professional advice? In our store you will find much more than toys, because we believe that educating is much more than buying a toy, we offer the best selection of educational and educational toys on the market, safe and suitable from birth to adolescence. We provide a warm and close accompaniment to guide at the time of the purchase of the most appropriate toy, with professional advice aimed at both families and education professionals. Because there is only one childhood, we are constantly innovating to offer the safest toy that allows us to experiment, play, and learn according to each need, adapting this activity to physical and mental development. In Tripijocs you will find wooden, interactive, construction, manipulative toys, Montsessori and Waldorf methods, etc. that allow different pedagogical aspects to work for infants, children and adolescents such as spatial orientation, sensory stimulation, psychomotor skills, socialization, logical reasoning, cause-effect comprehension, symbolic play, memory and attention, language and communication, eye-manual coordination and emotions.


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