Logical Reasoning

Development Areas: Logical Reasoning

Logical reasoning is the ability to think, process and use information to acquire knowledge, understand the world and make appropriate decisions.

A child can form his logical reasoning through learning; This new information creates connections in the brain called neuronal pathways. Children’s brains make billions of connections creating and recreating them all the time.

With these games you can stimulate the logical reasoning of a child:

Functional game: It is characterized by experimentation, manipulation and observation of objects. Try repeating action games, exploring, rolling things, etc.

Symbolic game: This game is very common in the preoperational stage. The child is able to recognize people, talk about experiences and mention objects without them being present; It aims to play a role like that of the teacher, a family member or a friend of the school. These types of games are enriched with language through fantasy and imagination.

Construction game: This type of recreational activity is carried out at any stage of your life. The child has a certain knowledge of what he wants to do and how he wants to do it; for example, puzzles, model building, stage assemblies etc.


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