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Who we are

Tripijocs was born in 1969 thanks to María and Montserrat to see the happiness of girls and boys when buying bicycles in the family business.

For that reason Tripijocs is created, and from that moment they decided that they wanted to see that illusion in all the stages of the children’s lives.

At the beginning they only sold toys for children, whether they were cars, balls, etc., but more and more toys were demanded for girls and that is how they began selling dolls and more and more toys were introduced.

In the beginning, Tripijocs was in a place of little more than 100 m2 but seeing that the illusion was increasing it was decided to move to a larger place that housed the illusion of all of them.

Since that time our objective has been to accompany them in their growth, especially in the early stages of life, and that is why we are also specialized in childcare, offering the best brands in the market and, above all, with the will to make this stage a unique and special.

But our devotion does not end here, we were very clear that the illusion of children is changing and is different at each stage of their life and for this reason we have a wide range of products carefully selected to accompany them in their growth and make them some more creative, imaginative and above all unique children.

We are currently one of the largest toy stores in Penedes with a team of professionals dedicated to always offering the best products for our customers and making the visit to our store a special experience.

What we offer

Educational Toys
Personalized advice
Parties and Birthdays
Special Events

Our Compromise

We want children through the game to learn for themselves, to be surprised and investigate from curiosity.

We want to guide you so that your purchases in Tripijocs are a success and feel the satisfaction of acquiring products that bring quality to the game of your little ones while stimulating them to experience and open up to know the world.

We offer you top quality, original, safe and latest fashion products selected by a group of experts to offer you a wide range of products that add value to the game of the little ones, while being entertaining and fundamentally pedagogical.

We want you to be calm while your little ones have fun and experiment, for those our toys are selected to comply with strict safety regulations.

Therefore we are at your disposal to answer any questions regarding our services and the education and growth of your children.

Didactical Games
Children learn for themselves, are surprised and investigate while they play.

Safe Toys
The toys are safe and of the highest quality so that you are calm while your children have fun and experiment.

Quality is a primary issue in our company. Offering the highest quality in the products handled by the smallest is our hallmark.

We guide you through the election process so that you can succeed in each of your purchases in Tripijocs.

Our team of experts, rather than store clerks

Our experts are more than someone who serves a customer through a counter. Tripijocs experts with their proximity to the customer and children becoming friends with them, will make the store experience unique and unparalleled. We seek resources and advice to families, educational centers and professionals in the toy sector. It is the mission of our experts to promote the value of the game as a creative and dynamic process by developing skills that allow the children to capture the contents in a deep and lasting way.


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