When our baby is born, and we want to buy his first toy, doubts begin to arise as to what is the best, the most appropriate, what I have to take into account …

When a baby is using a toy, it is activating and developing all its senses: touch, sight, hearing…. They are in a stage of great curiosity for everything that surrounds them, and the toy is a door that opens them to the world with infinite new experiences.

Therefore, it is vital to know how to select or have the necessary information to acquire the most suitable toy.

The most important thing when making a choice will be for the toy to adapt to its growth stage, because that way its cognitive development will be stimulated with more guarantees. Also, let us keep in mind that meaningful learning is achieved through emotions and experiences, not by abstraction. For this reason, we must look at toys that address these aspects and that require creativity while avoiding mechanics. In this sense, some examples are, for example, Montessori or Waldorf toys, a clear example of a functional and practical acquisition to stimulate creative reasoning, free thinking and autonomy.

Let’s not forget the toys that require cooperation with peers, or even where the adult can intervene, because interaction is also very important to achieve meaningful learning.

Therefore, let’s dedicate time, which is not necessarily economic resources, to make the best selection of the toy that we put in your hands, because it will also depend on what we provide for your motor, cognitive and functional development.