Sensory Stimulation

Development Areas: Sensory Stimulation

Sensory stimulation does not seek to create gifted children but children who want to learn and who can solve the difficulties that arise.
Sensory stimulation in babies is performed with controlled stimuli (so as not to stress the child). This should live it as a game. Sensations are stimulated by letting the child record them and have the opportunity to experiment with them while enjoying their senses.
Sensory stimulation is applied from 0 to 6 years and consists of activities that strengthen and expand the neural connections of the child’s brain. This produces a further development of their cognitive and psychomotor abilities. For this purpose, recreational activities are used to attract the baby’s attention to one of his senses or several at the same time.
Normally, if professionals who apply the stimulation are used, they will study the baby and make a program set for their needs, possibilities and characteristics.
Sensory stimulation provides babies with many benefits when it comes to helping them develop their skills. It usually accelerates the pace of learning in a fun and fun way.
In addition, it helps to strengthen ties between the baby and his parents, since sensory stimulation favors the physical relationship, as well as the exploration of the child’s outer and inner world, through the way in which he lives his sensations.


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