Symbolic Game

Development Areas: Symbolic Game

Imagination is the perception of reality and this children know a lot. The child needs imagination and fantasy, because through his power of suggestion he is able to grow and know himself, living with great intensity a character and a situation that start from fiction and that for him are very real. The pedagogical literature, the legends and myths present in children’s stories have had an impact on the child’s development through archetypal images and an adequate dialectic related to the subconscious’s territory. In the child’s waking imagination, the battles between good and evil are fought that urge him to connect with his inner hero and with the powers necessary to know himself and to develop in the world. From now on you will never stop imagining, when you fall in love, when sharing, when working and projecting your desires you will always use it. Faith, Hope, Love and Trust require large doses of imagination, it depends on us that it leads us to an illusory state or a clear and defined path to awakening.

SYMBOLIC GAME and CREATIVE IMAGINATION are certainly faculties that help stimulate children’s intellectual development. Imagination is an alchemical power that allows us to access reality, both of the tangible and the invisible. Through it we can reach altered states of consciousness and open doors in our way of perceiving. At the same time, if it is not well directed it can be an obstacle since we can suggest negatively by feeding illusory and unproductive fantasies. For this reason it is necessary that it responds to our purposes of personal growth by directing it towards defined goals.


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