Development Areas: Socialization

Socialization allows children to choose their friends judiciously, create healthy friendships, overcome shyness, share with others, work in teams and other benefits.

We were born to be sociable, since we are in the womb of our mother, until the last day of our life we ​​have to develop socially relevant experiences, hence the importance of teaching our little ones, patterns of behavior to maintain good relationships with others, which are the basis of good emotional intelligence.

The family therapist Vivian Fernández, indicates that the mother-child relationship is of the utmost importance, since it is the first social relationship that the human being has and this marks the sociable patterns of behavior.

“Infants who enjoy a high degree of interaction with their mother show a higher level of socialization, are more communicative, feel less adversity to change, greater ability to communicate, more willingness to provide help and support to others, creates meaning of belonging to the groups with which he relates and with whom he lives, “he says.

“It is very important to expose them from a very young age to contact with other children, preferably of their age, there are diverse and fun ways to do it, for example organizing a pool or movie afternoon and inviting friends and friends, celebrating birthday parties Allow him to go to the invitations he receives, enroll him in sports, musical, recreational, parish or summer camps, “explains Fernández.

In addition, “Ask them to provide help and support in household chores, regardless of their age, children can collaborate with simple tasks, picking up their toys, raising the table, putting dirty clothes in place, among other activities,” adds the specialist.

When children are wrong it is essential to teach them to apologize to others for their mistakes and know how to forgive the lack of others, teach them and demand that at all times give thanks and ask things with a please.

Whenever your little one expresses interest or concern for others and has a courtesy gesture, praise him, tell him how well he did it and encourage him to continue with that attitude.

The game fosters the character of the little ones, it is the basic learning and exercise instance of sociability “learning to play, wanting to play, following the instructions, knowing how to win and lose, leading a team, giving in, sharing toys, are situations that they contribute to the development of social relations and should be used as an opportunity for growth to teach tolerance and respect, “explains the specialist Fernández.

A preschooler should laugh about 300 times a day, observe and analyze how often your little one smiles, “it is scientifically proven, that if we laughed much more we would have a better quality of life, laugh with your little one and teach them to Smiling in everything and for almost everything, for example when greeting, helps you accept the differences with pleasure and overcome the difficulties that human nature will have to experience, “says the therapist.


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