Eye-Hand Coordination

Development Areas: Eye-Hand Coordination

The eye-hand coordination, also referred to as oculomotor, manual oculus, or visomotor coordination, can be defined as the ability that allows us to perform activities in which we simultaneously use the eyes and hands. Activities in which we simultaneously integrate the information provided by our eyes (visual perception of space) to guide the movement of our hands.

  • We use our eyes to direct attention and help our brain know where our body is located in space (proprioception).
  • We use our hands to execute a specific task in a simultaneous and coordinated way, based on visual information.

Oculo-motor coordination is a complex cognitive ability, since it must guide the movements of our hand according to visual stimuli and feedback. The development of eye-manual coordination is especially important for the normal development of the child and for school learning, although it is still important for our day-to-day life as adults.
Almost all activities of our daily lives require eye-motor coordination, so it is important to stimulate and improve it . Generally, the information we usually use to correct our movements and our behaviors is visual information, hence the importance of this ability.


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